Coady International Institute

The Coady International Institute has been promoting community self-reliance since it opened its doors to educate leaders from around the world 50 years ago. The Institute is world-renowned as a centre of excellence in community-based development and leadership education. Over the past five decades, the global reach of the Institute has grown immensely. More than 5,000 development professionals from 130 countries have taken part in the Institute's campus-based programmes, and many others have benefited from Coady training overseas.

The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership

Covers all major development issues. Convenes the communication/media development, social/behavioural change community with a social network of 85,000 - please join. . When registered you can search the network to identify relevant support and connections.. Knowledge sharing - 35,000 summaries, 1 million users pa. Critical peer review - ratings, comments, dialogue. Advocacy for this field. Strategic direction/funding by 20 Partners. To discuss partnership please contact Warren