In order to maximize the inclusion and wellbeing of older people around the world, WHO is implementing policies and strategies that promote health and economic protection for these individuals. The Global Embrace is an annual intergenerational walk that stands as the major advocacy event of the Global Movement for Active Ageing. It is an example of action taken to enhance the health of older persons and their communities.
Communication Strategies: 

The objectives of the Global Movement for Active Ageing are to identify and advocate for comprehensive policy approaches that maintain capacity and quality of life, identify models of best practice, raise awareness of cause and effect of risky behaviours, build new partnerships for advocacy and provide information and new directions for policy and project development for healthy and active aging.

The "Global Embrace" is an international "walk event" designed to advocate for health and promote exercise among older people. Over 1 million people in 96 countries participated.

The Global Embrace 2002 will take place in partnership with the World Heart Federation and the slogan is "Moving Hearts for Health". The benefits of maintaining cardiovascular health by remaining physically active are well established and our respective messages are in perfect harmony.

Development Issues: 

Ageing, Health

Key Points: 

The number of people reaching older ages is increasing globally. Unless vigorous measures are taken to prevent non-communicable diseases commonly associated with the ageing process and to promote health at the older ages, the ageing of the population will put new and increased demands on health care system. For that reason, policies aimed at ensuring that people maintain the highest possible level of physical, social and mental functioning as they age are of critical importance.

The World Heart Federation is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the study, prevention and care of cardiovascular diseases throughout the world. WHF membership is made up of 165 societies of cardiology and heart foundations in more than 95 countries.

Partner Text: 

WHO and regional groups promoting health and active ageing for older people.