Resilience and Humanitarian Response: Helping People Deal with Risk, Respond to Change and Cope with Emergencies

"At BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity, we believe that media and communication can help people become more resilient and recover more swiftly from disaster."

Delivering digital stories in contexts with no grid power and Internet

Author: Ephraim Mhlanga, June 29 2015 - How do we deliver digital stories in contexts where there are power and connectivity issues?

White supremacy, black liberation, and global development: The conversations we're not having

Author Jennifer Lentfer, June 28 2015 - Below all of the talk of "evidence-based approaches" and "taking it to scale," there is an undercurrent of disquiet.

Family Planning in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Achievements of 50 Years

This report and its accompanying case studies on Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Paraguay examine "the 50-year period starting in the mid-1960s...

African Storybook Project (ASP)

"Our vision is for all African children to have enough stories in a language familiar to them to practise reading and learn to love reading."  South African Institute for Distance Education...

#authenticate Campaign

"We can no longer accept the use of cell lines that have not been authenticated as a normal part of the research process. Cell authentication is a key element towards improved research fidelity. We...

3 Ways To Create Buy-In for True Customer-Centric Design

Author: Elizabeth Drachman, June 23 2015 - The “Customer Centric Design for Ag Programs” breakout session at this year’s ICTforAg conference sounded like a simple one. We design programs to help...

Private-Sector Social Franchising to Accelerate Family Planning Access, Choice, and Quality: Results From Marie Stopes International

This research provides analysis of Marie Stopes International (MSI)’s social franchising programme against the 4 intended outputs of access, efficiency, quality, and equity. The programme uses a...
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The Communication Initiative Network and Partnership convenes the communication and media for development, social and behavioural change community to share knowledge, connect, debate relevant issues, and critically review each other's work in order to advance effective development action across and between all development priorities. Contact Warren


Author: BBC Media Action blogger Maha Taki, June 22 2015 - An elderly man, one eye milky blue with age, peers into the camera. Immediately behind him lie neat rows of white tarpaulin shelters, walls flapping in the wind.

"Each person...

This guide, Steps to Engaging Children in Research: The Researcher Toolkit and Methods in Context, complements the first volume of this pair: Steps to Engaging Young Children in Research Volume 1: The Guide [See related...

"The Researcher Toolkit and Researcher Resource have been developed to support researchers to include young children in research; particularly children aged 5-8 years of age."

The project "Transparency for peace and development" was established in Cundinamarca, Santander and North Santander, Colombia, to create opportunities for dialogue between state institutions and civil society in order to enable an approach of...

Author: Fennovia Matakala, June 19 2015 - A sea of serious faces looked to the front of the local council chambers. Shuffling in anticipation, the crowd exchanged excited whispers.

Looking like they were attending the start of a high-...

"Healthy Start is WaterAid’s four-year (2015-2019) campaign focused on improving the health and nutrition of newborn babies and children."

The campaign aims to bring forward the evidence of "access to clean water for hygiene" on lowering...

Author: Dr. Ranu S. Dhillon, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, June 16 2015 - The CHW Reference Guide was produced under the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program, the United States Agency for International...

Lilian Kiefer

Author: Lilian Kiefer, June 19 2015 - Discrimination and marginalisation have lasting effects in that they take away human dignity. Discrimination means to be treated in a negatively different way because of certain real or perceived...

Author: Ranjani K. Murthy, June 15 2015 - When I asked women and men from six Chennai [India] slums: "What are the changes - positive and negative - you have seen in the last five years in the institutions of marriage, family, markets and state...

Mamoletsane Khati

Author: Mamoletsane Khati, June 11 2015 - African children suffer from neglect, deprivation, poor nutrition, poor access to health services, violence and other harmful social and cultural practices that affect children’s wellbeing and expose...

"...the widespread penetration and use of phones in Somalia meant that it was appropriate for reaching hard-to-reach communities and represented a relevant mechanism to deliver health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) information."...

"The idea is for every midwife to give an activated VIR [vaccine indicator reminder] band to every infant they attend to in the community, and the VIR band will indicate to the parents the 'Number of Weeks Unprotected' for their child."

This blog-style website brings together research, observation, and commentary from the Digital Media Partnership (DMP) that focuses on early learning and digital media, especially e-books. "This project is concerned with understanding the social...

This World Bank report is a guide for policy makers and practitioners about how to invest in young children. "It identifies 25 essential ECD [early childhood development] interventions that can be delivered through five integrated packages at...

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690 2015-06-15 The Drum Beat 690 - Communication and Change News and Issues
689 2015-05-28 The Drum Beat 689: Introducing 20 Members of The CI Network
688 2015-05-12 The Drum Beat 688 - HIV Communication: Focus on Evidence, Impact
687 2015-04-29 The Drum Beat 687 - Communication and Change News and Issues
686 2015-03-26 The Drum Beat 686 - Malaria Communication
685 2015-03-23 The Drum Beat 685 - Thanking and Inviting CI Associates
684 2015-03-02 The Drum Beat 684 - Communication: Achieving Results for Children
683 2014-10-14 The Drum Beat 683 - Themes from The CI Bloggers
682 2015-01-27 The Drum Beat 682 - Communication and Change News and Issues
681 2015-01-20 The Drum Beat 681 - Highlights from the International Seminar on Children and Communication: Rights, Democracy, and Development
680 2015-01-16 The Drum Beat 680 - Ebola Networking and Resources
679 2014-12-08 The Drum Beat 679 - Thanking and Inviting CI Associates
678 2014-12-02 The Drum Beat 678 - Communication and Change News and Issues
677 2014-11-18 The Drum Beat 677 - Demand Generation for Lifesaving Commodities
676 2014-11-03 The Drum Beat - Issue 676 - Evidence Summit on Population-Level Behaviour Change
675 2014-10-30 The Drum Beat - Issue 675 - Ebola
674 2014-10-21 The Drum Beat - Issue 674 - Quiz Time!
673 2014-10-01 The Drum Beat 673 - Communication and Change News and Issues
672 2014-09-03 The Drum Beat 672 - Positive Deviance: Linking Research and Behaviour Change
671 2014-08-11 The Drum Beat 671 - Research to Promote Growth and Development
670 2014-08-04 The Drum Beat 670 - Family Tree of Theories, Methodologies and Strategies in Development Communication
669 2014-07-22 The Drum Beat 669 - Introducing and Welcoming CI Associates
668 2014-07-10 The Drum Beat 668 - A Brief Chronology of a Polio Communication Research Initiative
667 2014-07-07 The Drum Beat 667 - Putting the Audience at the Centre of Research
666 2014-05-29 The Drum Beat 666 - Journalists and Crisis: Strategies and Resources
665 2014-05-20 The Drum Beat 665 - The Future of ICTs for Agriculture
664 2014-05-12 The Drum Beat 664 - Polio Communication: Accomplishments, Challenges, Plans
663 2014-04-23 The Drum Beat 663 - Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)
662 2014-04-11 The Drum Beat 662 - Communication and Change News and Issues
661 2014-03-13 The Drum Beat 661 - Recent Polio Communication Action and Strategy
660 2014-03-10 The Drum Beat 660 - Thanking and Seeking CI Associates
659 2014-02-12 The Drum Beat 659 - Media to Empower and Advocate for Health
658 2014-02-05 The Drum Beat 658 - Communication and Change News and Issues
657 2014-01-30 The Drum Beat 657 - Early Childhood Development Initiatives, Impact
656 2014-01-14 The Drum Beat 656 - Communication and Change News and Issues
655 2013-12-04 The Drum Beat 655 - SBCC and Health Communication
654 2013-11-25 The Drum Beat 654 - Communication and Change News and Issues
653 2013-11-15 The Drum Beat 653 - Adolescent Economic Empowerment
652 2013-11-14 The Drum Beat 652 - Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights in Southern Africa
651 2013-10-31 The Drum Beat 651 - Thanking and Seeking CI Associates
650 2013-10-18 The Drum Beat 650 - Communication and Change News and Issues
649 2013-09-24 The Drum Beat 649 - Blogs: Policy Analysis and Insight from the Network
648 2013-08-23 The Drum Beat 648 - Communication and Change News and Issues
647 2013-08-19 The Drum Beat 647 - Key Choices for the Polio End-Game
646 2013-08-08 The Drum Beat 646 - Communication and Change News and Issues
645 2013-07-22 The Drum Beat - 645 - Health, Rights, Media
644 2013-07-19 The Drum Beat 644 - Communication and Change News and Issues
643 2013-06-24 The Drum Beat 643 - Building a Communication Programme to Match the Polio Endgame Strategic Plan
642 2013-06-10 The Drum Beat 642 - Entertainment-Education to End Violence Against Women
641 2013-05-29 The Drum Beat 641 - HIV/AIDS, Young People and Research