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September 28, 1998


1. Radio Bank - West Africa: Panos' Radio Programmes Bank is growing in
response to demand from 150 independent radio stations in 25 countries. A
new development involves connecting 10 radio stations from 10 countries in
Africa with the necessary equipment to up and download radio documentaries
that each of them have produced. This augments the Panos produced
programmes. Subjects covered to date include: human rights, prevention of
conflicts, refugees and migration, situation of women and the evolution of
free media. All programmes are without copyright and free. 1000 different
programmes in 10 languages are now available. Contact Johan Deflander -

2. Women's Feature Service - India: The Women's Feature Service (WFS) is
the syndicated all women news service. It presents views and analyses by
women of their perception of development. 300 news features annually from
60 countries, in English and Spanish, written from a progressive
perspective by over 120 women journalists, most of whom are from the South.
Contact Anita Anand -

3. Script writers, Producers, Directors - Lebanon: UNICEF Beirut is working
with creative people in TV, radio and theatre, providing briefings on the
Convention on the Rights of the Child and exploring the integration of
child right's themes into soap operas, theatre, talk shows and puppet
shows. Initial results include an episode of a popular soap opera
addressing child labour and the Lebanese Puppet Theatre adopting the Rights
of the Child as the theme for their theatre, which is seen by 70,000
children every year. Contact Aida Jammal -

4. Popular Entertainment Awards - USA: Advocates for Youth/Kaiser
Foundation's Awards programme is now called SHINE [Sexual Health IN
Entertainment]. These awards recognise outstanding treatment of sexual
heath related issues in mainstream television. 1998 winners will be
announced at an Awards Dinner in Los Angeles, Nov 4th, 1998. Previous
winners include "E.R"; Contact Kate Folb -

5. Women, Comunication, Development - Southern Africa: Over the last two
months the Federation of African Media Women activities to expand the voice
of women in broadcasting include: feasibility study for the Development
Through Radio project in Malawi; regional conference on liberalizing the
airwaves; workshop on Information Technology in Zambia; community radio
training programme for the Malawi Media Women's Association; and a two-week
regional production workshop for women in film, television and video.
Contact Jennifer Sibanda -

6. Media and on-the-ground organisation partnerships - South Africa:
Responding to research showing that mass media is most powerful combined
with strong organisational support on the ground, the Soul City team have
continued to engage field based partner organisations in the development of
Soul City programmes. This includes message development and planning
strategic ways to capture the momentum provided by mass media coverage for
local action. They are presently working with the National Network on
Violence Against Women, which will be a major theme of Soul City 4, and a
range of people with disabilities groups, for Soul City 5 and the new
children series. Contact Shereen Usdin - and/or
Sue Goldstein


7. Digital Video - Any experience of using Digital Video in a development
project? Reading University is looking at ways to improve the dissemination
of scientific research to farmers in developing countries. Contact Mary
Myers -

8. HIV/AIDS advertising - Points of View [India] are currently working to
create a television campaign to prevent more women becoming HIV positive.
They are seeking [i] worldwide samples of adverts on women and HIV/AIDS
[ii] studies of sexual behaviors, attitudes and knowledge of women and the
effects of women negotiating for safer sex [iii] evaluations of the
efficacy of 'safe-sex' commercials. Contact Madhuri Dass -

9. Partnerships with Commercial Communication Organisations - Many
countries are seeing a growth in private media and State owned media
expected to break-even or make a profit - a real challenge to social
development organisations. Audiences are fragmenting. "Free" air time and
print space is harder to negotiate. Rates are rising. Field and policy
staff, from a number of agencies, convened by USAID, developed a set of
specific communication strategies which are non-dependent on paying or
funding, for partnerships with commercial communication organisations. The
3 page draft, for your review and input, is available from


10. Interview - with Kiran Karnik, Managing Director, Discovery
Communications, India, known for his extensive work in the area of
educational television. Kiran was responsible for launching the Kheda
Communications Project - a pioneering effort in the use of local television
for rural development. Most recently he was Director of the Consortium for
Educational Communication. Nirupama Sarma speaks with him on the state of
development and educational communication in India. Click here.

11. For Review - Quality Standards for Communication, Development and
Change interventions: A set of proposed Quality Standards for this field.
Based on the data before them and their own experiences a field and policy
based group developed these key points as a basis for assessing the
potential effectiveness and efficiency of communication and change
strategies and programmes. This is presented for debate. Do you agree,
disagree, what is missing, should not be listed? Is a standards approach
helpful for improving performance? To review click here.
facilities on the web site if you have internet access or email comments
and suggestions to


12. The Benton Foundation works to realize the social benefits made poss
ible by the public interest use of communications Contact Larry Kirkman

13. Women's Net is designed to enable South African women to use the
Internet to find the people, issues, resources and tools needed for women's
social action Contact Rebecca Holmes

14. SANGONeT - a regional electronic information and communications network
for development and human rights workers in Southern Africa.

15. GRET [Groupe de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologique]. Le Gret concoit
et mene des programmes de developpement local. Il intervient en Afrique, en
Asie, en Amerique latine et en Europe. Departements thematiques:
Environnement et Developpement Rural, Villes et Entreprises, Communication
et Medias. Email Florene Lemoine

16. Child labour and soccer balls - There is a partnership between national
organisations, international development organisations [ILO, UNICEF, Save
The Children et al] and the makers of soccer balls [eg Nike, Mitre, Adidas]
to eliminate child labour from the soccer ball making industry in Pakistan.
Contact Carol Feder on


17. Knowledge and Development - World Bank Development Report - This year's
edition with the theme of 'Knowledge and Development' will be released on
October 4th. It..'examines the role of knowledge in advancing economic and
social well people and societies acquire and use knowledge
and why they sometimes fail to do so is essential to improving people's
lives'. Obtain copies from A very
brief outline is on click here.

18. The Social Marketing List Server is for email discussion and
information on social marketing issues. Recent dialogue has included a
debate on what is social marketing, how it is distinct from other
communication strategies and whether the distinctions matter. The question
of "branding" has also featured. Contact Alan Andreasen -


19. The Radio Partnership of the International Centre for Humanitarian
Reporting, along with the South Africa Media Peace Centre, is hosting a
workshop "Strengthening Lifeline Media in Regions of Conflict", Capetown,
South Africa, 7th to 11th, December, '98. It will bring together 40-50
media practitioners and conflict resolution professionals on media and
peace keeping themes. Contact Gordon Adam -

20. Public Broadcasting in South Asia - a Panos South Asia meeting held
September 20th-23rd in Nepal. Contact Kunda Dixit -

21. UNICEF East and Southern Africa Regional Communication officers met
19/20/21 September - contact Neill McKee -

22. "Women, Media and Religion: searching for New Interpretations"; workshop
was held in the Netherlands. September 18-20, 1998: 40 participants from
North America, Europe and Africa in attendance. Contact Anita Anand for
results -


Final note - Please keep the electronic cards and letters flowing - Warren Feek -