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May 24, 1999


1. Zimachitika ["It Happens" or "Such Is Life"] - Malawi - a weekly, half-hour, Chichewa audience, prime time MBC Radio One drama programme. Zimachitika received the Entertainer of Entertainers Award for Best Radio Drama in Malawi in 1998. Issues addressed include: family health, women's empowerment, traditional beliefs that conflict with scientific views of disease, and health service provider attitudes. Based on extensive research. Managed by The Story Workshop NGO, with support from UNICEF, the Democracy and Human Rights Fund of U.S. Government and the European Commission. Contact Pam Brooke

2. Oktrytaia Aziia ["Open Asia"] - Central Asia - Internews' newly launched TV news magazine promotes the idea that there should be no secrets in Central Asia. It debuted on 45-plus independent TV stations in May 1999. Stories will be produced by non-governmental TV stations in Kazakhstan, the Kyrghyz Republic, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. It will appear monthly for the first 3 months and then increase to bi-weekly. Internews website. Contact Jerry Huffman

3. Reproductive Health in the Egyptian Press - Egypt - a FRONTIERS and POLICY Projects activity. It aims to increase the use of reproductive health and family planning research and to maximize the impact of research findings on policy and program management by increasing coverage in Egyptian Arabic newspapers and magazines. There will be 4 roundtable discussions for journalists from May 1999 - Mar. 2000 on issues such as youth, sexual health, and safe motherhood. Contact Sahar Hegazi

4. The Health Channel - Brazil - promotes long-distance education for 2.5 million health professionals and broad access to health information for the general population. Seeks to foster debate on policies and programs in the fields of Health and Health-Related Science and Technology. Works through: production and broadcasting of television programs; production of theme videos; televised debates; televised conferences; and training courses. Partners include the Brazilian public telecommunications company Embratel, a range of Government [Municipal, State and Federal] Councils and Secretariats, Universities and a network of television stations. This is a project under the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, organized through the Committee for Public Agencies in the Struggle Against Hunger and in Defense of Life.

Contact Angelica Silva

5. Radio Kwizera - Tanzania - was established in 1995 by the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) to offer Rwandan refugees and locals a forum to dialogue, supply accurate objective information and promote peace and reconciliation. After the Rwandese refugees' repatriation in 1996, JRS continued Radio Kwizera to serve the Burundian refugee population. 40 hours of broadcasts in Kirundi, Kiswahili, English and French. Programmes range from education health, sanitation, childrens' issues, women and gender issues, culture, and a tracing programme. Contact

6. Gates donation to struggle against AIDS - Global - Bill and Melinda Gates [of Microsoft] have made a US Dollar 25 million grant to the The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). This has been announced as the largest charitable gift in the history of the AIDS pandemic. Contact Nicholas Gouede

7. Prime Time Summit - USA - Population Communications International, with the Producers Guild of America, Caucus of Producers, Writers and Directors and Writers Guild of America, will hold the first Prime Time Summit [June 4/5] for the writers and producers of US prime time television programs which will be aired this fall on 6 television networks. Issues to be covered include violence against women and teen-age sexuality. The Summit presents social issues to the prime time creative community who shape the story lines and characterizations. Contact Sonnny Fox -

8. World No Tobacco Day is May 31

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9. Capital Radio - Uganda - a 1-hour, weekly radio show, on Capital Radio FM, Kampala. Focus is sexual health. The main audience are youth 15 to 28 years old. There is a 'hotline' for telephone counselling off-air. From a survey of 200 clients at an STD clinic in Mulago (1996): 70% said they listened to Capital Doctor; 57% correctly stated day and time of broadcast; 22% said listened every week; 15% said they listened 2-3 times a month. Those who listened to Capital Doctor were more likely to use condoms: 91% of those who reported using condoms 'often' were listeners; 71% of those 'always' using condoms were listeners; All 3 doctors on the show say that the show has a big impact on services. Contact Cathy Watson


10. "Radio covers approximately 75% of Africa's population and television, 40%...It has been predicted that 75% of African's alive today will never make a telephone phone call in their lives, but the vast majority of them listen to radio and an increasing number watch television....35 of the 49 countries in the world [with] less than 1 telephone per 100 people are in sub-Saharan Africa." From "Up in The Air", pp2/3, edited by Aida Opoku-Mensah, The Panos Institute. Contact


11. Weinreich Communications' new website includes extensive resources on social marketing and health communications, including articles, links, a conference calendar, a guide to free publications, and a bookstore. Click here for website.

12. i- Contact Video Network is a non-profit initiative set up to provide support for those using video for positive change. Contains guides on how to use video and the media, articles about the media and links to other organisations. Click here for website.

13. Teachers Talking About Learning (TTAL) is designed to support the professional development of teachers in countries where UNICEF works. It aims to support teachers to explore ideas, discuss issues and take action through collaborative projects. 'Explore Ideas' section has a large selection of current articles, research, and opinions. 'Discuss Issues' section is an online community. Click here for website.

Contact Elaine Furniss


14. The One World Broadcasting Trust's '99 International Media Conference and Awards will be held 17 June 1999 in London, UK. They bring together senior broadcasters and journalists with people from international agencies to explore the media's role in protecting and enhancing children's rights. OneWorld site. Contact Jenny Stevens

15. A regional seminar on Promoting Community Media in Africa will be held 7-9 June 1999 in Kampala, Uganda. Participants will consider a set of recommendations and plan of action for promoting the development of community media in Africa. Contact Kwame Boafo

16. 7th Cross Cultural Research Conference will be held 12-15 Dec. 1999 in Cancun, Mexico. This is a forum for the presentation and application of research for individuals and institutions that value the integration of cross-cultural skills and the development of business activities for diverse cultures across the globe.

Click here for website. Contact Michael Jay Polonsky


17. Health Unlimited is seeking a Radio Magazine Production Consultant for it's Well Women Media Project in Hargeisa, Somaliland for 2-3 months from end of May 1999. "Saxon Saxo" (Fresh Breeze) is a magazine programme to raise awareness of and change attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health. Contact Madeleine Hammond

18. Nicholas Gouede has joined the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) as the Communication Specialist. He will develop and implement an international communication and advocacy program. IAVI is a non-profit scientific organization committed to ensuring the development and distribution of preventive AIDS vaccines for use throughout the world.


Thanks to all for their involvement and support.