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September 10, 2001



1. 4 million people die every year; by 2020 [estimate] 8.6 million will be killed every year - 70% will occur in developing countries; Tobacco-related diseases could kill more people than HIV, tuberculosis, maternal mortality, motor vehicle accidents, suicide and homicide combined; Globally, 48% of men and 12% of women [approx] currently smoke. In developing countries, 48% of men and 7% of women smoke. This refers to cigarettes and not the use of chewing tobacco, beedis, snuff etc. By the mid 2020s, predicted that only 15% of the smokers will live in developed countries.

Click here for more details from Baseline - Tobacco Facts.


2. Smoke Free Villages - Thailand - Approached youth in villages around Bangkok to brainstorm anti-smoking strategies. Resulted in the ASH Smoke Free Villages campaign WHICH used youth as health advocates, printed material, art murals and organised community events to convey their anti-smoking message. Contact:

3. Soul City: Multi Media - South Africa - TV drama features story lines such as a smoker trying to quit, community initiatives to stop shopkeepers from selling tobacco to children, and youngsters trying to pressure their friends to try smoking. Soul City also uses PR and advertising to advocate for the anti-tobacco campaign and also to popularize the television and radio programmes. Contact: Garth Japhet -

4. Traditional Media - Indonesia - Such as the wayung kulit (shadow puppet theatre)...Among the messages are warnings about the harmful effects of smoking for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, and the dangers of smoking for all family members...Heart Foundation Indonesia promotes tobacco-free areas in factories and educational institutions. Studies show strong cultural disapproval of tobacco use among women and the numbers of women smoking are low, however, there has been an upward trend in women smoking. Contact:

5. 2 Smart 2 Smoke Theatre - USA - For elementaty school children to increase awareness and prevent the onset of smoking. Two 30-minute plays presented at 160 schools in Minnesota. 1 play for kindergarten through 3rd grade and the other for 4th through 6th grade. Includes classroom activities and take-home materials for parents. The K-3 play was an adaptation of the Three Little Pigs. Contact: Dr. CL Perry

6. Internet Tobacco Control Network - Czech Republic - Uses ICT as a basis for communication and training of professionals working in the field of health and awareness raising. Traditional media, such as TV and newspapers refuse to publish anti-tobacco information. This project reaches the Network's target group: decision-makers and the general public. Contact: Sushma Palmer

7. MelJol - India - "...when we started the cleanliness campaign, we discovered that much of the litter was empty gutka (a mixture of tobacco, areca nut and aromatic flavors, plus several other additives) sachets...made us aware that large numbers of children were eating something that could give them mouth cancer. While schools were severe with children caught smoking, gutka was allowed." Contact: Jerry Pinto

8. “Tobacco Kills, Don’t be duped,” - [WHO - funded by UN Foundation] Aims to strengthen the ability of journalists and other health communicators to sift facts from fiction about tobacco use, its spread and promotion. Engages and supports nationally based social entrepreneurs and change agents from the media, NGO community, health professions or private sector, and government." Contact: Chitra Subramaniam

9. World No Tobacco Day - 31 May - 2001 theme was “Second hand smoke kills—Let’s Clear the Air.” a call for global bans on public smoking as the comprehensive way to protect people’s health. 2002 theme is “Tobacco Free Sports.” Work with sports associations to take tobacco-free sports to the regional and local level. WHO invites local organizations to plan Tobacco-Free Sport events now.

Click here for more details on World Tobacco Day 2000.

10. BBC’s "Tobacco On Trial" - Global - 5 x 30-minute radio programmes broadcast. Focus on Malawi; Virginia; and, Hungary. Broadcast on the English Service. Part of a "Tobacco on Trial" season with other programmes for the Arabic, Thai, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish and Africa language services.


11. Impact: 2 Smart 2 Smoke - USA - Among the students in grades 4-6, 76% reported that they learned about alternatives to smoking and 56% practised ways to say "no" to cigarette offers. The theatre production did affect intentions to not smoke in the future for all of the students. Contact: Dr. CL Perry

12. Impact: Soul City - South Africa - 95% of people exposed to Soul City increased knowledge about the negative effects of smoking. Smoking perceptions changed; the most popular of which was, "It is not cool to smoke". Qualitative feedback indicated people had been inspired to give up or cut down on smoking. Contact: Sue Goldstein


13. "Baha'i teachings do not prohibit smoking but it is "discouraged as unclean and unhealthy"... Buddhism teaches the path of freedom, and a clarity of mind and body that comes without addiction...Hindus have a great respect for those who lead an exalted life such as poet Kalidas "The first among all spiritual practices is the care of the body"...One of the 5 essential principles on which Muslim law is based is the duty to protect the "integrity of the individual". Anything which might harm the life or health of a person is thought to be "contrary to the Spirit of Islam"...Maimonides, the greatest Jewish theologian of the Middle Ages states that "preservation of health is an absolute imperative and that it is one way of imitating the paths of God"...The Roman Catholic Church has an official position on the ill effects of smoking...Churches that developed from the Protestant tradition have always "proscribed the use of tobacco, considering it to be "a violation of the body, regarded as the temple of the Holy Spirit"."


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14. Defeat in Trade, Victory in Health - Thailand - Profiles Thailand's experience with tobacco controls...

Click here for more details on How Thailand Took on the Transnational Tobacco Titans.

15. Tobacco Industry Strategies to Undermine WHO - Expert committee found that the tobacco industry regarded WHO as one of their leading enemies, and...had a planned strategy to "contain, neutralise, reorient" WHO.

Click here for more details on the WHO inquiry on tobacco industry influence.

16. “The Voice of Truth: Multinational Tobacco Industry Activity in the Middle East” - How tobacco companies tried to subvert Middle East government policy:

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17. Curbing the Epidemic: Governments and the Economics of Tobacco Control - World Bank study on tobacco in developing countries. Click here for more details.

18. Tobacco Control Country Profiles (Profiles) - Monographs.

19. Tobaccco Free Initiative - Includes information on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) - which will be the world’s first international treaty on tobacco control.

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POLICY GUIDANCE..Tobacco and..

20. ...Women

21. ...the Rights of the child

22. ...Product Regulations


23. From the Journal of Health Communication...

- Effective aspects of health communication campaigns

- How tobacco billboards target minorities

- Stigmatized conditions in public health

- Measuring Exposure to Pro- and Anti-Tobacco Marketing among Adolescents

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