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This toolkit aims to provide girls and women with accurate and relevant information on accessing antiretroviral treatment, adhering to treatment, and supporting their counterparts. It seeks to address the unique HIV/AIDS treatment concerns of girls and women including, among other topics, reproductive and sexual health choices, post-exposure prophylaxis, the effects of antiretroviral drugs on women's physical and emotional health, and prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission. Twelve information sheets include such subjects as when to begin treatment, whether to begin taking treatment or not, how to stay on treatment, what to do when staying on treatment becomes difficult, and how to support others on treatment.

The tools include: information sheets, posters, activity/discussion cards, a calendar, a brochure, an audiocassette and lists of additional resource materials. The audiocassette is for use with women who have low literacy levels and visual impairment.



Youth InfoNet 27, September 15 2006.