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"Wonderful and right back at you with the appreciation. I really value The Communication Initiative!" -  Lenette Golding, CARE, USA

"Thank you very much for forwarding this onto us, it's fantastic to read about the various mass media campaigns which have initiated such positive results! Particularly of interest to us was the piece on hand washing in Vietnam, we've been keen to add to our website as this concerns our areas of work, that of child health (in addition to school health, and nutrition)." - Charlotte Broyd, Partnership for Child Development, UK

"You've done a beautiful job representing the various Water Music activities. I'm most appreciative of your quality work and outreach." - Marjorie Ryerson, Water Music, Inc. USA

"Thanks so much for your nearly instantaneous response (I assumed sending the request went to an automated system)! I have been receiving the Drum Beat messages at my work account at the White Ribbon Alliance and have so far been very impressed by the content." - Naomi Brodkey, USA

"I noticed you  all are on social media now, so we'll be sure to follow and "fan," etc." - Caty Borum Chattoo, Link TV/ViewChange, USA

"I am convinced that we can reach even more potential applicants for the ReSource Award via your impressive network." - Stefan Huber, Secretary of ReSource Award

"Just a note to acknowledge the sterling work that CI is putting in to help us in greater dissemination of the work on ICTs and climate change." - Richard Heeks, UK

"I want to sincerely thank you so very much for this update.[DB Click - HIV/AIDS and Communication]I have browse through the information,would be taking my time out today to digest them one after the other based on my organization area of focus. Keep the good work." - Adams Peter Eloyi, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Coordinator, Youth Network on HIV/AIDS Population & Development in Nigeria (NYNETHA) - Nigeria




"I have been subscribed to comminit for many years now with my personal account. I have used many of the materials you have disseminated and even recruited for one of job announcements, a consultancy in 2007 (!) in Angola to develop a communication strategy… So I am glad that the Alliance work around TB/HIV features on comminit." - Renato Pinto, Senior Adviser: Technical Co-operation Unit (Global Fund)

"We are proud to officially belong to an outstanding institution." - Michael Daka, Founder/Director, Breeze FM, Zambia

"Thank you for this document on SBCC . It is very interesting and I have forwarded to officers to assist us in our daily work in the various areas in communication for change behaviours."- Mrs. E F Pelekamoyo, Malawi

"Love your site, service, etc...view you guys as a valuable resource. Good going!" -Dan, USA

"I have truly admired Your amazing resources and it inspired me to set up the Network for Youth in Transition site." - Saji Prelis, Network for Youth in Transition

"I'm thrilled that the Drum Beat remains a source for sharing important program information and updates that help to inform the global HIV, health and development program implementing community!" - Lydia Clemmons, MPH, PhD, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer, FXB International

"I’m delighted you are putting the guidelines on your site – ive subscribed to your site for a while and recommend it to all my students" - Martin Scott, Lecturer in Media and International Development, School of International Development, University of East Anglia

"I've always found CI/Drum Beat informative and useful. Keep up the good work." - Adnan Rehmat, Intermedia Pakistan

"I really do enjoy reading the CII/Drum Beat issues and as a journalist  find them really informative and handy." - Swapna Majumdar, India

"I absolutely love the Communications Initiative's work and have been a fan for quite awhile. Keep up the great work, and if there's ever anything I can do to support, let me know." - Linda Raftree, Social Media and New Technology Advisor, Plan USA

"I believe I am already subscribed to the Drum Beat, which I find very interesting and useful for my work. I wish to thank you verymuch for your interest in AHCA's work; I hope we will be able to continue contributing our stories to CI in the nearest future." - Jamila Azizova, MD, MSc, Azerbaijan Health Communication Association

"I'm excited that we will get such visibility - Communication Initiative is my first place to go for pretty much everything! I will absolutely credit CI with leads and discussions that come out of this." - Revi Sterling, ATLAS Institute, USA

"Nice website with some useful resources for folks like me in the communications/media world." - Richard Perry, Media and Communications Officer, Coady International Institute

"We really do find value in your website and listserv. Not only for this kiind of service but for the wealth of information and knowledge sharing." - Faye Reagon, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa

"the entire issue looks interesting. Will share it with our new teams conducting research in five countries." - Aditi Sharma, The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) 

"Good continuation, and warmest thanks again for this wonderful medium that Communication Initiative is for us all, development professionals." - Stéphane P. Rousseau, International Consultant, Humanitarian Development & Cooperation Affairs

 "I'm thrilled you reached out - your website is a terrific source of information for us." - Mala Bawer, CyberSmart

"I am still surprised when I come across folks who don´t receive the Drum Beat, I do mention it frequently as an excellent source on so many things ict related." - Erika Smith, Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Mexico

"We are delighted to hear that you are including our podcast in The Drum Beat. Thank you for informing us and we look forward to a continued partnership with The Communication Initiative." - Taleen