Still India is struggling with the full immunization coverage. National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4 (2015-2016)) has been published recently. In spite of intensified immunization campaigns, full immunization coverage of children aged 12 - 23 months is still 62% in the country. Still long way to go! As per NFHS 4 data 72.5% of children of the country in the age group of 12-23 months not getting immunized on time. It is good that now the focus is also being given to timely immunization. Certainly SBCC has to play a vital role in this sector. 

Saw couple of abstracts on immunization is listed for 2018 SBCC Summit. Looking forward to gain some thoughtful insights on this burning issue.

Summit: What Works? Shifting Norms, Changing Behaviours, Amplifying Voice