Aulora Stally
Sara Page
Tariro Chikumbirike
Fungai Machirori
Rouzeh Eghtessadi
Lois Chingandu
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Publication Date: 
August 1, 2009

This manual was developed to enhance reporting on HIV by offering a practical training curriculum to increase the knowledge and skills of media professionals in reporting on HIV- and AIDS-related issues. There is an emphasis on the relevant scientific issues and knowledge. The guide is intended for print and broadcast journalists, media owners and practitioners, editors, non-governmental organisation information officers, and students. It is published by Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) and supported by the Global Fund, National AIDS Council, and Population Services International,

According to the publishers, the manual is written in simple language to allow journalists to understand both the science and the sociocultural facets of HIV and AIDS. Each section is produced with a handout that provides factual information on each topic. All sections are introduced with training objectives, a purpose, and a methodology. Sections are supported by key questions to stimulate group debate and notes to highlight important issues. The publication begins with a facilitator's guide that spells out the training methodology and technique of the manual and incorporates activities and exercises that seek to enhance journalists' reporting efforts. The annexes provide a programme that may be used for the training as well as useful complementary information, complete with resources and further media-specific tools that can be referred to during training or when writing or researching.

The manual includes the following six sections:

  • Section 1: Contextualising HIV
  • Section 2: Stigma and Discrimination
  • Section 3: Provider-initiated HIV Counselling (PITC)
  • Section 4: Antiretroviral Treatment (ART)
  • Section 5: HIV and TB Co-infection
  • Section 6: Towards a New Framework of Reporting on HIV
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