Do yourself, your office and/or your organisation gain value from the knowledge sharing and social networking platforms of The Communication Initiative?

If so, can we please encourage you to make a small financial contribution that recognises that value and helps to sustain and grow this platform?

Some suggested contribution levels follow.

When you are logged in you can enter an amount and submit by credit card through the form below.

Or simply email Victoria Martin (The CI Administrator) with the level you are prepared to contribute and she will issue an invoice. (She can also issue a small agreement if that is required.)

Guidance on possible Associates contribution levels (suggested in USD equivalent but level of support is of course at your discretion)

  • Large Development organisations - $5,000
  • Individual Offices/Sections in Development Organisations - $2,000
  • Medium sized and smaller Development organisations - $2,000
  • University Departments in OECD countries - $1,000
  • University Departments in other countries - $500.00
  • Small, local NGOs - $100
  • Individuals - $100

Perhaps you have budget lines to cover these costs - knowledge sharing, communication, partnerships, subscriptions, etc from which you can draw?

The Associates providing this support are featured on the home page with a full listing with links to your site at this link.

Thank you. We very much appreciate your consideration of this support. It is an honour to support your very important work.

Warren Feek

Executive Director - The Communication Initiative

On behalf of The CI Partners and the The CI/Soul Beat/CILA staff