Perspectives is Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination Service’s (SAfAIDS) 13-part television show, broadcast on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV). The programme is broadcast every Tuesday at 18h30 and it aims to give Zimbabweans an opportunity to explore, discuss and debate key issues related to HIV/AIDS.
Communication Strategies: 

On the show, the host, Tariro Makanga, interviews people on a variety of issues including workplace policies on HIV/AIDS, access to treatment and addressing stigma and discrimination. A live studio audience is invited to join the discussion to share their experiences. The discussions are interspersed with poems and mini-dramas to highlight arising issues.

Development Issues: 

HIV/AIDS, Rights.

Key Points: 

The show aims to kick-start discussions on HIV/AIDS issues and encourage families and communities to take action toward improving the quality of life for people infected and affected by
HIV/AIDS. The first programme of Perspectives featured a Zambian AIDS Activist, Richard Mgana. He described the impact of stigma and discrimination on the region's response to HIV/AIDS. A poem delivered by an actor, Jasen Mphepo highlighted the stigma felt by a person living with HIV/AIDS.

Partner Text: 

SAfAIDS, ZBC, Mighty Movies.


Tariro Makanga sent an e-mail to Soul Beat Africa on March 9 2005.