To: People who have been engaged in the consultation process seeking to develop a Global Alliance for our shared fields of work.

NAME OF THE ALLIANCE - Your choice - Please vote at this link

Planning is well advanced for a global alliance that brings together many closely related fields of work in order to pursue some shared goals and requirements. Please see attached (when you click on "Please click to review, comment and access any attachments" above) for the outline of the Alliance. Many thanks for your engagement in this important work - really appreciated.   

The fields of work include communication for development, media for development, social change, behaviour change, community engagement and participation, social marketing, facilitating dialogue and debate, freedom of expression and information, programme communication, development communication and social media and development - the people focused perspectives and approaches.

The common interests include advancing shared policy interests, identifying and agreeing the most compelling evidence for the impact of these strategies and expanding the resource base for the work.

But we need your help on one further matter - the NAME!

We need to agree a name for the Alliance. That name needs to resonate across all of these fields of work. It should convey quickly and easily what we are all about. The name should be outcome focused. For further background to inform your choice please do access the Alliance outline attached.

At this link there is a survey with the two name possibilities identified as the primary options by the planning group advancing the development of this Alliance. Can we please ask you to click on this link and VOTE FOR YOUR CHOICE.