Publication Date
December 1, 2005

Day Two Presentations

The second day of the 2005 Communication Initiative Partner's meeting focused on "measuring communication impact" - The CI priority area that was considered the most important by the Partners at their 2004 Cape Town meeting. The focus of this day included a) the data demonstrating the impact of development communication on priority international development issues and b) the implications of that data for effective development communication action.

Several partner organisations presented the most compelling data from their communication projects for the review of the other Partner organisations and funding and policy organisations present. The presentations, as they were given on that day, are listed and linked here below.

  1. Presentation from Agencia de Noticias dos Direitos da Infancia (ANDI)

  2. Presentation from BBC World Service Trust - "Preliminary Findings from Cambodia MCH Campaign" by Gerry Power

  3. Presentation from CFSC Consortium - "Building Communication Capacity and Sustaining Change - Assessing if CFSC works: How
    do we know we are making progress?" by Denise Gray-Felder and Ailish Byrne

  4. Presentation from Exchange - "Measuring Communication Impact" by Andrew Chetley

  5. Presentation from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs - "Measuring the Impact of Communication in Public Health Programs" by D. Lawrence Kincaid

  6. Presentation from Soul City - "Compelling Evidence: Soul City and Its Impact"

  7. Presentation from the Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) - "Supporting Community-based Organisations with HIV/AIDS Information"

  8. Presentation from The Communication Initiative - "The Data Game" by Warren Feek