It is critical to involve youths and adolescents in Sexual and Reproductive health programming if programmers and implementers want to make an impact and have results. Youths and adolescents should be involved in a meaningful way from programme design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This will allow youths and adoelscents to have a stake in the process and also claim ownership of the programmes that benefit them. A notable example has been an organisation called Midlands AIDS Service Organisation (MASO) in Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. MASO worked with adolescents under a UNICEF project called Young People We Care programme. Youths and Adolescents both In and Out of School were involved in determining what priority activities and deliveranles should be included and there was constant tracking of deliverables with meaningful youths participation. That allowed the correctiona nd identification of any deviations from the expected deliverables and also any challenges that might have been anticipated or overlooked.

The results were amazing with youths setting priorities for the project and highlighting that sanitary pads were a priority for adolescent girls than books and other school materials which programmers had thought were important. This brought lots of lessons learnt and enabled development of future proposals based on needs on the ground fro youths and adolescents.

It brings the motto "Anything for youths without youths is against youths!"

Enock Musungwini