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Year of Production: 
November 14, 2010

This video shows the use of the game Master AIDS, a board-game designed by Sida Education, David Patient, and Dr. Neil Oor. The game is designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to discuss, educate, and challenge each other to engage in conversation about HIV/AIDS in a non-discriminatory way. Master AIDS can be used to create conversations in many settings, be it in the workplace, schools, churches, or in the community. The game may be ordered for purchase [price is South African R180 for a game accommodating 6 players] through the contact information below.


Note from the game developer on December 21 2012: "For people that want to purchase games at a large volume, there are discounts after units of 500 and we can brand the box should a corporate or organization wish. As being the owner and developer of Sida and Master Aids I have found that Master Aids toolkit is a great platform to introduce many other subjects for example TB, cancer nutrition and so on… so on request I can customise a game for any organization. Please note that there is a Master AIDS edition 2 out that explores sexual abuse and all the HIV/AIDS content has been updated."


Email from Luis de Almeida to The Communication Initiative on October 2 and December 21 2012.