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January 1, 2005
The Hope Kit is a package of resources designed to facilitate discussion about HIV prevention issues among community groups in Malawi. Assembled by the BRIDGE Project, the Hope Kit is a collaborative effort that includes materials produced by many organisations. It consists of locally developed posters, information cards, booklets, and sample materials to support community facilitators in their HIV/ AIDS prevention work.

Activities and materials in the kit include the following:

Journey of Hope Activity Book- This contains a collection of practical techniques and games that aim to help Malawians adapt their behaviour to stay healthy and avoid HIV and AIDS.

The Message Guide - This contains action- and benefit-oriented HIV and AIDS messages developed by BRIDGE project partners to help organisations engaged in HIV and AIDS programmes reinforce the efforts of others. The guide focuses on five topic areas: HIV prevention, promoting voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), promoting early care seeking, reducing stigma and discrimination, and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. The messages emphasise the small “do-able” actions that will allow individuals or groups to prevent HIV or help mobilise communities to respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Materials from the Nditha! Mass Media Campaign - This material is also built around small, do-able actions that will allow Malawians to protect themselves and their loved ones from HIV. The Hope Kit contains a sample of materials from the campaign, reminding Malawians that they can talk about HIV and AIDS, abstain, stay healthy, live positively, and achieve their goals and dreams in life.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV Information - The leaflet from the National AIDS Commission is about available treatment (ART) and voluntary counseling and testing for HIV.

Living Positively with HIV and AIDS - The Pakachere Positive Living Handbook created by Population Services International offers information on caring for oneself and living positively with HIV and AIDS. It also contains samples of posters about HIV/AIDS produced by Malawian organisations.

Stories and Images of People Living with HIV - This contains photos and true stories from People Living with HIV and AIDS which illustrate how they got tested and continue to live positively with HIV.




Media Materials Clearinghouse on February 22 2007.