This series of short film clips on HIV/AIDS was launched by the Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) and Masala Media in June, 2002. Designed to speak to young people, the film brings to life the daily reality of HIV/AIDS by highlighting the trials and tribulations of youth in southern Africa who are infected or otherwise affected by HIV. Their testimonies are frank and open as they share their feelings, fears, and fantasies about HIV/AIDS. For instance, Chido dreams of seeing her mother survive HIV; Emma, a vibrant HIV-positive Namibian, encourages young people to act responsibly; and Romeo, a gay HIV-positive young man, has an open mind and positive attitude.

The aim of Heads and Tales is to destigmatise HIV/AIDS and help build understanding and tolerance. The films can be used individually or as a series to trigger discussion in different settings such as cinema, television programming aimed at young people, film exhibitions and screenings, case studies in training workshops, and school education.
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