Equal Access International (EA), is an international not-for-profit 501(c)3 communications for social change organization that combines the power of media with direct community engagement to address the most critical challenges affecting people in the developing world in the areas of youth life skills & livelihoods, women & girls’ empowerment, agriculture & economic growth, health, democracy & governance, and human rights. EA designs interactive and educational programs through leveraging new and traditional media including radio, TV, SMS, IVR and mobile/online platforms. With a broadcast reach of over 122 million people across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, EA produced 662 hours of audio and video content in 17 languages. Combining innovative media programming with localized trainings, listening and dialogue groups, town hall forums, roundtables and street theater, EA directly engaged 90,000 individuals in these activities, empowering underserved communities with the information and tools they need to improve their lives. As media makers and community dialogue facilitators, EA’s ability to inspire social change is rooted in the universal tradition of storytelling. Around the world, Equal Access is Inspiring and Transforming Millions of Lives Story by Story.