Equal Access International

Equal Access is an international non-profit organization creating positive social change for millions of underserved people across the developing world by providing critically needed information and education. With award winning expertise in communications for social change, we create interactive media and community mobilization programs that inform, educate and inspire locally driven, lasting positive social change. Every day the individuals and communities we work with are expanding their ideas of what’s possible, developing the capacity to achieve collective goals, and positively changing the world around them.

Over the years, Equal Access has deepened its impact with investments in the thematic areas including: empowerment of women and girls and ending violence against them; youth life skills and livelihoods; civic engagement and peacebuilding; human rights; agriculture and economic development; and early childhood education.

In 2015 alone, we expanded our broadcast reach through Radio, TV, mobile and social media from 122 to 138 million people. Regular (weekly) listening and viewership grew from 26 to 67 million, and participation in community mobilization activities and trainings grew from 91,000 to over 102,000 individuals. 

In early 2016 Equal Access launched a new peacebuilding program in Cameroon, celebrating  the second year on air of its Nigeria-based 24/7 Hausa language TV Channel AREWA24, and moving forward with new programs for Chatting with my Best Friend, its award-winning by youth for youth interactive radio and outreach series, implemented across Nepal for more than 10 years.

To find out more about Equal Access’ innovative work around the world visit http://www.equalaccess.org