Led by the Sistema para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (Comprehensive Family Development System (DIF) of the Government of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, this programme’s objective is to increase access to and the quality of the DIF services for children between the ages of birth and six years old by building 10 Comprehensive Early Childhood Centres (CIPIs) and providing training for public teachers and administrators.

The project’s goal is for vulnerable children to access a quality, holistic education during their early childhood and, thus, build a solid basis on which girls and boys can reach their fullest potential and improve their opportunities in life, including by making gains in education and, on a societal level, by reducing social inequality in the State.

Communication Strategies: 

The following reflects the plan for project cooperation:


  • The State DIF provides the necessary funds to build the CIPIs, to get them up and running, and to maintain them. This includes support in finding the proper land for building the Centre and coordinating with other state agencies to assess the situation for children of this age group in Quintana Roo.
  • The ALAS Foundation provides support in the area of early childhood by promoting the issue and collaborating in fundraising from international sources to finance the project’s start up.
  • The Carulla Foundation also consults with the Centre to assist in the implementation of best practices for building and operating the CIPIs in Quintana Roo.


Their purpose is to improve infrastructure, methodology, and coverage in education, healthcare, and food services that are provided in urban and rural areas at this time. They also work on issues of long-term sustainability for the project. The centres intend to promote education that fosters peace in the communities through: a reduction in the marginalisation of families and children and the existence of violence; the promotion of social equality; and the reduction of political instability.


Development Issues: 

Early childhood, education, health, nutrition, rights.

Key Points: 

The agreement aomng the partners states that one CIPI will be built for girls and boys from birth to the age of six years old in each of the State’s 10 municipalities. The alliance is working towards installing these centres  in both rural and urban settings. Each centre will be able to provide services for up to 416 children.

Partner Text: 

ALAS Foundation, Carulla Foundation, Government of the State of Quintana Roo


ALAS Foundation website  and the Executive Summary of the CIPIS Program (in Spanish) in MS Word format. January 29 2013.