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This publication was developed as part of the behaviour change strategy of a project in Kenya that seeks to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by expanding the engagement of men in religious and cultural institutions. The publication seeks to clarify some of the common myths and misconceptions that perpetuate FGM and "opens space for dialogue between religious, cultural leaders and members of the community and promotes alternative rite of passage." The project and publication are supported by African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET)'s Men to Men Programme.

The initiative is being implemented by the Anglican Development Services of Mt Kenya East (ADSMKE) in Meru and Tharaka. According to the publication, the project's lessons "will be documented and used to expand and inform interventions that seek to end FGM. We hope to contribute to the body of knowledge by developing materials and tools that will be translated and used in targeting religious and cultural leaders."

The publication has the following chapters:

  • What is FGM - this section also includes information on how Kenyan law protects girls from FGM
  • The consequences of FGM
  • What action can you take to address FGM? - this section also offers information on alternative Rites of Passage.
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