The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) invites the public to take part in PRB's upcoming Discuss Online: "What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV and AIDS Interventions" online through PRB's discussion portal.

What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV and AIDS Interventions synthesises the research literature on programme interventions (through the end of 2009), intending to provide evidence of what works and what seems most promising for women and girls that improve a range of HIV outcomes.  The website  includes searchable findings from over 450 interventions in 90 countries and is also available as a downloadable document. What Works for Women and Girls is currently a project of the Public Health Institute.


Join website authors Karen Hardee, Visiting Senior Fellow, PRB; Jill Gay, President, J. Gay Associates; and Melanie Croce-Galis, President, Global Artemis Consulting as they answer your questions about interventions related to HIV and AIDS programming and the evidence base needed for those designing policies and programmes for women and girls.