Please join SUPPORT for this Satellite Session

When: Sunday 18th July, 13.30pm - 15.30pm

Where: Mini Room 3

SUPPORT will be joined at our satellite session by male condom marketing agencies and communication experts who will facilitate a workshop to develop campaigns to promote FC2 female condoms to men. Over the years uptake of female condoms has remained low and one of the reasons for this is that men have not been included in female condom promotion activities. FC female condom has largely been targeted at women. Within relationships men often make decisions about protection and it is critical that they know about the choices available to them and their wives and/or partners.
Male condom distributors have become extremely adept at successfully marketing male condoms to men and have significantly increased male condom use around the world. SUPPORT, together with Michael Chommie from PSI, and the audience, will explore ideas to develop female condom campaigns targeting men. With expert guidance from the BBC World Service Trust, India, Durex Network, UK, MTV International, UK and The Pleasure Project, UK, the audience will develop campaigns for marketing female condoms to men.

Maya Gokul, Training Advisor, SUPPORT, South Africa
Michael Chommie, Advisor, Population Services International (PSI)

Priyanka Dutt, Project Manager, BBC World Service Trust, India
Radharani Mitra, Creative Director, BBC World Service Trust, India
Peter Roach, Vice President, Durex Network, UK
Julie Allen, Head of Creative + Digital, Social Responsibility, MTV International, UK
Patience Kunaka, Interpersonal Communications Manager, PSI, Zimbabwe