Arusha, Tanzania

The overall objective of this course, offered by MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, is to enhance participant's ability to deliver and demand a variety of mechanisms, schemes, and approaches through which economic and social wellbeing can be attained and guaranteed. According to MSTCDC, participants will be able to know and demand for a range of social protecton mechanisms including unemployment benefits, pensions, child support, housing assistance, national health insurance, job-creation schemes, retraining programmes, and agricultural insurance.

The course content includes the following:

  • Key concepts of social protection and social justice
  • Tools for identifying social and economic risks
  • Social protection mechanisms
  • Policy interventions and approaches
  • Campaigning and lobbying for social protection
  • Monitoring social indicators.

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Registration information:

The course is intended for community based organisations, programme managers, coordinators, and those in charge of projects within NGOs, CBOs, development agencies and other CSO groups.

Fee for the Course: Single room US$ 695 or Shared double US$ 585.

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