Accra, Ghana

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) is offering a 3-day course designed to equip communications staff of non-profit organisations with skills and knowledge to effectively manage internal and external communications, including how to effectively convey their organisation's messages and build strong brand recognition.

Specifically, this course has been designed to:

  • provide organisations with the required competencies to build and run robust communication systems;
  • equip participants with robust skills to develop key organisational messages;
  • empower participants to effectively utilise social media tools to enhance their visibility and build brand recognition; and
  • empower beneficiaries to be strategic brand ambassadors of their organisations by mastering the necessary techniques to win public confidence.

According to WACSI, effective communication is vital for the success of personal interactions and for organisational communication. This course will balance both theoretical and practical skills required for good communication. It is designed to equip participants in communication activities including working with the media, fundraising communication, developing press kits, influencing public policy and formulating a strategic communication plan.

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Registration information:

This course is intended for practitioners, communications officers, community development workers, and community education officers to develop basic communication skills and understanding that will prove useful in a range of roles. Course fee is GHS 600. To apply, complete, sign, and email the application form to communications@wacsi.org or jcfomunjong@wacsi.org or Apply online.

Application Deadline is May 17 2014.

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