Sep 8 2014 - Sep 12 2014

Monrovia, Liberia

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), in collaboration with the Nexus-Fund, has called for civil society organisations working directly and indirectly in the field of peace and security, conflict/violence prevention, and mass atrocity prevention to apply for the Professional Development Training on Mass Atrocities Prevention (MAP). The training seeks to "deepen and enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in preventing, managing, and responding to violence in a more effective, timely, and productive manner." It is also designed to "equip participants with creative and requisite skills to mobilise resources towards MAP interventions on one hand and advocate, create, and manage partnerships, as well as build synergies/alliances with and among local and international actors working on MAP on the other."

The objectives of the training are to:

  • deepen knowledge and enhance civil society practitioners’ skills in preventing, managing and responding to violence situations;
  • increase awareness and promote the components of the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) norm;
  • provide participants with requisite skills to advocate, create, and manage partnership, and build synergies/alliances with and among local and international actors working on MAP; and
  • expose participants to creative ways to mobilise resources to support their respective intervention in MAP.

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Registration information:

Deadline date: June 20, 2014.
The training is open to any professional with several years of experience in a field directly or indirectly related to MAP, including human rights, conflict prevention, genocide, youth and violence, humanitarian/relief work etc. from Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire.

These could include:

  • practitioners from relevant civil society organisations;
  • civil society advocates and activists; and
  • journalists and media professionals.

Applicants should complete and email the application form to: and cc: on or before the application deadline.

Click here to download the application form in Word format.