Johannesburg, South Africa

According to Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ), the introduction of tabloid media and the internet has allowed several questionable reports to reach the South African public. Journalist ethics are being questioned and suggestions for a print-media tribunal to implement "good" practice have been suggested. Organised by (IAJ), this one-day course looks at codes of conduct already in place to ensure that reporters remain ethical. It also touches on media oversight already in place in South Africa and the possible effect of a print media tribunal.

By the end of the course, trainees will have:

  • an understanding the basic principles of ethical reporting;
  • exposure to the rules and regulations already in place to govern the output of journalists, publications, and broadcasters;
  • an understanding of media oversight;
  • an understanding of the effect of a print media tribunal;
  • an overview of implementation of codes of conduct; and
  • guidelines on best practices; and
  • an understanding of the influence of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on media ethics.

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Registration information:

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