Aug 17 2011 - Aug 19 2011

The Africa Media & Democracy Conference (AMDMC) is hosting its 2011 bi-annual conference in Accra, Ghana, under theme "Media & Democracy: Towards Sustainable Stability". The Conference is designed to address and examine various issues of media in the practice of democratic governance in Africa. The AMDMC will bring together delegates from around the world including politicians, parliamentarians, media owners and managers; broadcast, print, online, and community journalists; academics/students; and members of the non-governmental community.

Interested individuals are invited to submit abstracts for papers or ideas for panel discussions, which must address specific media practices in the context of democracy in Africa, such as the role of radio commercials as political communication tool in electioneering, the corrosive effects of partisan media practices in popular democracy, or the role of the media in the concept of popular democracy. Sub-themes include the following:

  • Media, language, and democracy
  • Media and political communication
  • Media, democracy, and traditional governance
  • Media, conflict, and crises management
  • Media ownership, democracy, and governance
  • Media, democracy, and political education
  • Media, political activism, and governance
  • Media law and regulation
  • Media, gender, and democratisation
  • Media, democracy, and human rights
  • Community media and democracy
  • New Media and democracy

Click here to download the panel proposal form in Word format.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 22 2011.

Alongside the conference, a 3-day pro-active media skills workshop will focus on the use of local languages in broadcast media within a political environment, as well as gender, democratisation, and the media.

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