Mar 9 2011 - Mar 11 2011

Africa Adapt is hosting a three-day bilingual (French/English) symposium focusing on evolving approaches, tools, methods, and philosophies addressing the links between increasing climate change and variability in Africa and sustainable development. It will feature keynote speakers from across the continent, and provide a space for creative new exchanges and collaboration between African research, media, policy, and community practitioners. According to the organisers, this is an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and experience on this subject and to work with others to help make a difference. br>
The symposium objectives are to:

  • provide a forum for exploring and promoting the latest and best in applied research on climate change adaptation and development in Africa;
  • create a space for engagement between African research, practitioner, and policy communities of practice; and
  • provide African media with opportunities to interact with these communities of practice so they can better communicate efforts being made to address climate change in Africa and articulate local concerns and priorities.

Click here for more information about the symposium. Registration information: To find out how to register for this event, please use the contacts below.