Information on the launch of "Translatina" (Tuesday July 20 2010, from 18:15-12:15, in the Video Lounge) - includes a film screening on the realities faced by transgender women in Latin America. Requesting your response and ideas...

In the words of Paulo Lyra: This 90-minute documentary - in Spanish with English subtitles - "paints an alarming and enlightening portrait of the realities faced by transgender women in Latin America....[It] also showcases how transgender organizations in Latin America are starting a dialogue with governments to demand justice and services for transgender women."

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What questions or observations would you like Marcela Romero, director of REDLACTRANS, to consider in the discussion session following the film screening? What observations or ideas do you have related to advancing positive action on this theme? Please engage through this forum; click on "submit a group post" and share your thoughts with us!