Johannesburg, South Africa

The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) is organising a 3-day course to build skills in the practice of investigative journalism. The approach for this course will be facilitated adult learning, guided by an experienced IAJ facilitator who is a veteran investigative journalist. According to IAJ, this outcomes-based education methodology is interactive, hands-on, based on real case studies, and is designed to produce practical skills.

The practical course will cover:

  • Pitch your stories to your editor
  • Identify and mapping key sources
  • Gauge the value of your sources
  • Forensic interviewing skills
  • Manage vulnerable sources and journalistic ethics
  • Mine new media for information
  • Reconstruct and create a paper trail
  • Understand the numbers and making them easy for your audience
  • Cut through the spin; and, write up the investigation to captivate audience.

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Registration information:

To enquire about registration and fees, please contact IAJ below.