Sep 7 2014 - Sep 8 2014

Grahamstown, South Africa

The Highway Africa 2014 Conference is being held under the theme, "Social Media – from the margins to the mainstream." The event will explore how social media has impacted on all aspects of people’s lives in the last ten years. Using plenary sessions, keynote addresses, and panel discussions, the event will bring together journalists, civil society activists, academics, and youth to reflect on the role technology is playing in shaping journalism and the media in society.

Specifically, the conference seeks to answer the following questions:

  • "What has been the impact of social media on journalism as practice and media as business?
  • How have social media impacted on our consumption of media e.g. television?
  • How have ordinary citizens and CSOs used social media in advocacy, mobilisation and other activities?
  • How have social media enabled the rise of the individual’s voice outside of the mediation of mainstream media?
  • How have governments and politicians used social media to communicate with a variety of constituencies?
  • How do identities (gender, race, ethnic, linguistic etc) play out in cyberspace?
  • How is sovereignty and the concept of the nation challenged or affirmed by social media?"

The conference will also include various training workshops, book launches, and exhibitions linked to the theme, plus evening gala dinners and networking sessions, including the Telkom-Highway Africa New Media Awards.

The Highway Africa Conference is a project of Rhodes University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies (Grahamstown, South Africa), in partnership with corporate South Africa, development agencies, and media associations. It has been held annually for the past seventeen years.

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Registration information:

Deadline for registration: July 31, 2014.

Highway Africa invites professional journalist, academics/researchers, community media practitioners, and tertiary education students to register. Registration fees vary from ZAR900 to ZAR3000.

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