This session - held in Session Room 7 - aims to give the audience a review on how different actors and partnerships across the world are helping drive progress in AIDS vaccine research. The session aims to highlight partnership in doing research, in building research capacity, in shaping policy, in fostering community engagement, and in mobilising leadership. The session will aim to communicate to the audience that AIDS vaccine research is not just a matter of science; it will highlight opportunities to different parties around the world on how they can also engage in this effort.

Starting with an introduction and followed by a question-and-answer session, this event will feature: "Discovering New Antibodies against HIV: A Case Study of a Global Partnership" (O. Anzala, Kenya); "Building a Research Network in Africa (H. Rees, South Africa); "Recalibrating the Policy Agenda, Globally and Regionally" (H. Wong, United States); and "Community Engagement through Good Participatory Practice" (A. Kopalan, India).

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