Sep 10 2014 - Sep 11 2014

Arusha, Tanzania

The East Africa Share Fair seeks to "bring together family planning professionals to share knowledge around country-level FP2020 implementation, best practices in making progress towards these goals, and build the capacity of local family planning (FP) program managers to understand and use knowledge management (KM) techniques to support family planning programming."

According to the organisers, the Share Fair will use face-to-face participatory techniques to engage participants in conversation around implementation methods that have been effective in their work. Local family planning knowledge will be highlighted and the conversation will involve the collaboration of many as opposed to a select few.

Specific objectives of the Share Fair are to:

  • Share examples of successful family planning programming that use KM techniques, and the ways in which these techniques can be more widely leveraged and/or replicated.
  • Demonstrate how the use of KM techniques can enhance FP programme activities; contribute to improved FP outcomes, and further FP2020's goal in the region.
  • Foster a community and make connections among those working at the intersection of KM and FP.

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Registration Information:

This is a USAID-funded event and is therefore free for participants. However, any travel and accommodation costs will need to be covered by the particular organisation or project funding the participant.

If you are interested in presenting, displaying project or programme materials, or have any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact Rebecca Shore at

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