Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom (UK)


Date: January 16 2013


Cardiff University's Community Journalism Conference will explore the latest thinking, research, and hands-on experience in the rapidly developing field of hyperlocal and community journalism and examine the potential for engaging and empowering communities using digital technologies and social networks in innovative, low cost, and sustainable ways.

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"Traditional local and community journalism is being transformed by digital technologies and changes in patterns of media consumption and distribution.

In some cases communities have been left with no independent news and information and no shared space for building cohesion and understanding. This poses a serious challenge to independent journalism and to the maintenance of healthy, engaged and cohesive democratic communities.

At the same time ­ in the UK, Europe, and the US [United States], we are seeing the emergence of new, innovative community and local journalism enterprises created by and for local people. As with all developing sectors, the potential and pitfalls are becoming more apparent, with new ways of working and models of sustainability forming.

This conference brings thinkers and academics together with hyper local journalists, innovators, and policymakers to examine the emerging evidence and look at tools for effective development of community news hubs.

It is also the start of building a... network of community news hubs launching Cardiff University¹s Centre for Community Journalism."

Conference Speakers include:

Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones, (@fmwales), First Minister for Wales
Jan Schaffer, Executive Director of the Institute for Interactive Journalism, Washington, D.C., US
Damian Radcliffe, author of the first review of the UK's hyper local sector
Solana Larsen, (@solanasaurus), Managing Editor of Global VoicesOnline, an award winning worldwide network of bloggers
Prof. Richard Sambrook, (@Sambrook) Director of Cardiff University's Centre for Journalism
Prof. Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University
Practitioners including Hannah Waldram - Guardian.co.uk, Dylan Iorwerth - Golwg Cyf., Facebook, Wrexham.com, Port Talbot Magnet, National Union of Journalists