Cape Town, South Africa

Hosted by AIDS Training, Information and Counselling Centre (ATICC), the Bridges of Hope Training offers a package of practical participatory training materials, activities, and behaviour change techniques. These are designed to enable people to explore and address a wide range of wellness issues around HIV prevention, support, voluntary counselling and testing, treatment, and positive living, linked to achieving their life goals and dreams. Participants first experience and apply the training tools and activities as participants, then practice using them with other participants using a simulation /micro-teaching methodology. The final day will include a 'Community Outreach Training Practice' session in the local area. Integrated throughout the workshop are inputs on different wellness and HIV-related issues and explanations of how to apply the behaviour change communication concepts and techniques underpinning the design of the Bridges of Hope programme.

According to the organisers, the activities and methodologies are designed to "touch the heart, not just the head" - they actively engage and involve participants in a way that enables them to grasp the messages and apply them in a practical way to their own personal situation. The package has been developed, updated, and refined by Training Consultant Peter Labouchere since its inception in 2000 and is now being used in over 60 countries worldwide with a diverse range of business and community programmes. All activities are designed so that they can be used effectively with both literate and non-literate groups.

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Registration information:

Deadline Date: October 31 2013.

ATICC invites those to apply who already have a sound technical knowledge and experience around wellness and HIV-related issues, and who wish to make a difference in how they transfer this knowledge and motivate appropriate behaviour change. These could include: peer educators/wellness champions, trainers, educators and facilitators, youth and community leaders, leaders and educators in community-based/faith-based organisations, and anyone else interested in enhancing the impact of group training and education they provide to address wellness and HIV-related issues.

The cost of the training is ZAR4,950, which includes: complete Bridges of Hope kit; all facilitation, training, and follow up; Bridges of Hope facilitator certification for those who complete the process by applying what they learn with their colleagues and communities; and lunch and refreshments each day.

To register, please request a registration form from Peter Labouchere at