Accra, Ghana

This conference will examine issues related to the development of mobile communications – markets, regulations, business strategies – as well as issues relating to the use of mobile communications for economic, social, and human development. Organised by the Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI) at Aalborg University in Denmark and Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), the event will draw participants from academia, business, and policy and regulation. According to the organisers, the idea is to benefit from input from speakers and participants from Africa as well as Europe. They say there is a need for Africa to partner and establish cooperation with their European counterparts in the areas of research and development, deployment and operations, consultancies and education, as well as learning best practices.
The main objectives of this conference are to:

  • discuss the developments of mobile communications with respect to market developments, policies and regulation, and business potentials and strategies;
  • examine the need for and use of ICT by educators, health care workers, government officials, business men, researchers, etc. in the sub-region;
  • explore ways in which technologies are used and assessed in diverse fields of education, health care, governance, businesses, social networks, banking & finance; and
  • assess recent methods that enhance access to mobile communications, education, health services, government services, business services such as distance education, computer-based communication methods, telemedicine, e-Commerce, Face Booking, etc.

Topics will include – but are not limited to the following:

  • Mobile communications
  • Mobile broadband
  • Information systems
  • Role of Internet Providers (ISPs)
  • Application of information systems in government and businesses
  • Age and gender issues in the use of information systems
  • Digital library, distance learning, e-Learning systems and technologies
  • E-Health and e-Governance
  • Databases, storage & retrieval systems (e.g. cloud computing)
  • Cyber-security – governance, risk and compliance (GRC); cyber-crime
  • E-Commerce and e-Banking in developing economies
  • Social engineering and social networking – prospects and challenges
  • Policy and regulatory environment

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Registration information:
The conference invites faculty, teachers, researchers, policy makers and regulators, health practitioners, business professionals, ICT practitioners, instructional designers, media specialists and producers, distance learning directors, technology & service providers. Conference fee is $100.
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