Accra, Ghana

The Africa Media & Democracy Conference is hosting its bi-annual Africa Media and Democracy Conference under the theme: "Media, Democracy and Development". The Conference is intended to address and examine various perspectives, interventions, and issues of media in the practice of democratic governance in Africa. The event is open to academics, media industry professionals, government agencies, policymakers, regulators, United Nations agencies, donors, civil society organisations, independent consultants, and research groups and students.

The following are some of the sub-themes planned for the conference:

  • Media, language, and democracy
  • Media, language, and symbolic power
  • Media, political rhetoric’s, and political violence
  • Media and political communication
  • Media, democracy, and traditional governance
  • Media, national institutions, and democracy
  • Media and the conception of national agenda
  • Media, democracy, and governance
  • Media, ethnic identity, and democracy
  • Media, religious conflict, and political stability
  • Media, conflict, and crises management
  • Media ownership, democracy, and governance
  • Media, concept citizenry and democracy
  • Media and the concept ‘good of governance’
  • Media and coupe d’états
  • Media reportage and democracy
  • Media, democracy and political education
  • Media, political activism and governance
  • Media, democracy and aid
  • Media law and regulation

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Registration information:
The conference will bring together delegates from around the world including politicians; parliamentarians; media owners and managers; broadcast, print, online and community journalists; academics/students and members of the non-governmental community. The registration fee for the Conference is US$280.00 for all participants and GHC 150.00 for Ghanaian students.

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Abstracts for paper presentations are being requested. These must address specific media practices in the context of democracy in Africa related to the sub-themes, such as the role of radio commercials as political communication tool in electioneering, the corrosive effects of partisan media practices in popular democracy, or the role of the media in the concept of popular democracy and development etc.

Deadline date for submission of abstracts: March 29, 2014.

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