Nairobi, Kenya

The International Puppetry Festival Kenya (IPfest 2014) is being organised under the theme of promoting Global Cultural Diversity for Peace and Unity through Puppetry. According to the event website, the festival will feature diverse presentations through workshops, round table discussions, exhibitions, and puppetry performances by teams from various parts of the world. The artistic element of the festival will focus on puppet art and aesthetics. The workshops will focus on puppetry/puppet skills enhancement, puppet theatre-in-education, cultural cooperation, and consensus building in the community.

Specifically, organisers say that IPfest 2014 aims to:

  • "encourage creativity and improve puppetry and folk media skills by exposing African puppeteers and audiences to new puppetry techniques of international standards;
  • establish puppetry exchange and support networks and initiate the process of unifying or entrenching the International Association of Puppetry and Visual Arts Performance (UNIMA) Africa as deliberated by all UNIMA Africa chapters' members during the UNIMA International Congress and World Puppet Festival in Perth, Australia in 2007;
  • showcase new and multi-disciplinary puppet theatre works that will foster collaboration between Kenyan and international puppeteers;
  • support at least eight African puppet theatre companies to showcase their performances and skills in Kenya;
  • present at least 20 new international and professional puppet/object performances from international theatre companies from Europe, Asia, and America;
  • offer artistic skills workshops for both Kenyan puppeteers and teachers; and
  • create a plenary presentation/ platform for at least 30 puppet theatre directors and instructors from around the world to present research papers, new works and share with Kenyan puppeteers on further development of puppet theatre art in Kenya and Africa."

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Registration information:

The Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre (KIPT) and the Organising Committee of the International Puppetry Festival Kenya (IPfest 2014) invites interested candidates to submit a proposal to participate and present at the Puppetry Festival. IPfest 2014 targets participants from Africa as well as invited companies and/or troupes from Europe, Americas and Asia. Participants are advised to seek sponsorship to meet their travel and personal expenses.

Proposals for presentations should cover a wide range of theatre genres. The festival coordinating committee will be keen to receive proposals for:

  • Puppets, mask, marionette, object, and visual theatre performances
  • Workshops on script writing for puppets, puppet construction, and manipulation
  • Exhibition of mask, puppets, publications, or reading materials on puppetry
  • Plenary discussion and exchanges on the use of puppetry in community education.

According to the organisers, it is recommended that proposals for performances include a digitalised recording and photos for performance.

Deadline date for submission: June 30, 2014.

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