Nairobi, Kenya

Organised by the Coexist Initiative, this 3-day symposium hopes to provide a forum to develop links between groups involved in gender based violence (GBV) prevention, by encouraging them to share experiences, build on the successes and challenges experienced in the field, and always forge a common way forward. According to the Coexist Initiative, the forum is the first of its kind in the country to bring together men and boys representatives from the civil society, leaders, and local authorities to discuss the current state of prevention, to explore key themes and challenges, and to develop strategies for moving forward to implement stronger GBV prevention programmes. Participants will bring skills, experience, tools/resources and opportunities for developing effective collaborative programmes. Attempts will be made to ensure geographic and programmatic diversity and balance.
Objectives of the symposium are to:

  • be a forum to deliberate and share experiences on the dynamics of gender based violence;
  • share information, resources, and capabilities;
  • develop strategic, relevant multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances;
  • consolidate, improve, and support the activities of all relevant stakeholders in the prevention of and response to gender based violence in Kenya;
  • identify good practices and interventions used by stakeholders in combating GBV; and
  • initiate a process of collaboration and networking between Gender Equality and Equity stakeholders.

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Registration information:
The Coexist Initiative invites men and boys representatives from the civil society, leaders and local authorities to register for the Symposium. For further information on how to register, please contact the email address below.