Jun 10 2011 - Jun 12 2011

The International Association of HIV Social Scientists (IAOHSS) is organising the first international HIV Social Science and Humanities conference, designed to provide an opportunity for discussing and supporting contributions of the social sciences and humanities to HIV research and action. The conference will focus broadly on strengthening the role of the social sciences and humanities in responding to HIV and AIDS.

According to the conference organisers, HIV is a profoundly social disease, the causes and consequences of which are deeply embedded in the social, cultural, and political processes that shape national development, social institutions and civil society, interpersonal relations, and the everyday lives of communities, families, and peoples. One of the most distinct contributions to be made by the social sciences and the humanities has been their ability to integrate multiple levels of empirical evidence and model complex, non-linear, dynamic relationships in ways that may reconfigure understanding of otherwise seemingly intractable problems and offer novel strategies in their place. This conference is designed to provide a forum for those keen to extend the scope of the social sciences and its capacity to trace connections between all kinds of phenomenon, notably those that contribute to the complexity and changing nature of the epidemic.

The conference themes are:

  • Treatment as prevention
  • HIV and the body
  • Global ethnography
  • HIV, biomedicine, and subjectivity
  • Social epidemiology and social networks
  • HIV and global politics
  • HIV, responsibility, and risk governance
  • Social theory and HIV: new directions, new possibilities

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Registration information:
The conference welcomes papers, session proposals, and events that are innovative in their delivery, organisation, range of topics, and type of public or audience. As well as traditional research papers; the conference also welcomes proposals for sessions and papers using ‘new media’ or other forms of new presentation.

Click here for more information about submitting a proposal. Deadline for abstract submission is: February 25 2011.

Conference fees are: early registration fee prior to February 25 2011, ZAR 2,850; regular registration fee prior to June 4 2011, ZAR 3,192; on-site registration fee from June 11 2011, ZAR 3,648.00. The registration fee for delegates includes access to all conference sessions. If registration and full payment are received on or before 4 June 2011, a conference bag and materials are guaranteed. Registration and payment after 4 June 2011, including on-site registration, does not guarantee a conference bag and materials. The registration fee excludes all travel, parking, accommodation, and meals.

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