Aug 10 2015 - Aug 14 2015

Accra, Ghana

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) in partnership with the Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) are organising the 11th World Conference in Accra, Ghana. The conference is being held to celebrate as well as strengthen the capacity of community radio. The conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Community Radio, holistic security and sustainable development: According to AMARC, community radio is a critical resource for communities facing the effects of natural disasters, climate change, and poor management of natural resources, which are often linked. "The current Ebola epidemic highlights not only the interdependence of food security, nutrition security and health security but also how quickly their absence can threaten and impact global security and well-being." The conference will include reflation on the transition from the Millennium Development Goals towards the new United Nation’s led Sustainable Development Goals, which recognise that peace, inclusion, equity, and accountability are at the root of sustainable development. These "have always been the values of community radio and AMARC 11 is a perfectly-timed opportunity to ensure that it performs even more effectively and proactively."
  • Community Radio, culture and identity insecurity: "By its nature, and whether in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Latin and North America, community radio has developed an inclusive process towards citizenship and is an instrument for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue." Community radio is also generally characterised by multilingualism and multi-culturalism, as well as harnessing the newest technologies and social media. AMARC 11 will highlight success stories and illuminate challenges in these areas.
  • Community Radio, conflict and institutional insecurity: Community Radio also faces security threats, such as threats by armed groups in conflict situations, censorship, terrorist attacks on installations, and threats to journalists and activists. "Where the threats may not be overt, various mechanisms, including legislation and regulation or their deliberate absence or distortion, are used to dim the dialogic voice of community radio." AMARC 11 will include discussions on community radio in conflict-resolution such as how to put in place mechanisms, from capacity-building to institutional protection, that would guarantee that community radio is always able to fulfil its peace-building role.

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Along with the conference, AMARC will host the Annual General Assembly. This "will provide a unique opportunity for AMARC members to analyze and reflect about the challenges of their organisation in the coming years, to establish an Action Plan for 2015/ 2019, as well as the possibility to vote for the women and men who will serve on the new International board of Directors."

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