Publication Date
June 1, 2002

This seven-page report publishes the results on a case study conducted to track the effects of “Journey of Life” radio programme, during its 26-week episode run. “Journey of Life” is an entertainment education radio soap opera. It is a Family Planning (FP) and HIV/AIDS prevention radio drama. The drama addresses perceived risk and self-efficacy as it relates to FP and HIV/AIDS and dual protection offered by condoms. Face-to-face interviews were conducted every other week with one unmarried male under age 18, one unmarried female age 18, one unmarried male over age 19, one unmarried female over age 19, and one married couple under age 30.

The interviewees were representative of the programme’s target audience. Each participant was interviewed on their thoughts, perceptions, and behaviour regarding the radio episodes, and the impact of them on their lives. In addition, each case study participant kept daily diaries on their thoughts and feelings regarding Journey of Life, and the issues it raised (such as family planning and HIV/AIDS). In addition to these face-to-face interviews, at least three significant others (partners) of each participant were interviewed, in order to get a well-rounded view of each case study participant.

The purpose of the show was to teach the facts about family planning and HIV/AIDS, as well as to provide a simple plan as to how to adopt healthy beliefs and behaviour and to communicate these healthy ideas to family and friends.