Mucho Corazón (A Lot of Heart) is an  entertainment-education (E-E) television drama filmed and aired beginning January 25 2012 in Chiapas, Mexico, by PCI-Media Impact and the State Government of Chiapas. The purpose of the series is to help "spread the word about the MDGs (United Nations Millennium Development Goals) and the importance of sustainable development, gender equity and respect for Indigenous Peoples by weaving information about the MDGs" through a television drama.

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The partners originally collaborated to produce and broadcast Corazón de Mujer (The Heart of a Woman), which began broadcasts on the International Day of Women in 2011. The drama promotes women’s access to government health services and legal rights. Corazón de Mujer was originally broadcast on the State Government’s radio station, and has since been rebroadcasted on more than 50 stations in six countries.


The programme partners use PCI-Media Impact’s My Community approach to E-E and social change communications to strengthen the capacity of local ministries and State government institutions to develop and produce a comprehensive communications campaign to generate positive social change and community development. A cornerstone of the programme is to build a network between State ministries to use the power of law and communications to showcase the natural resources and human diversity of Chiapas, enhance knowledge sharing, engage the public, and support community-based adaption activities across the state.


The 35-episode drama, Mucho Corazón, tells the story of Maruch, a young indigenous woman from a rural community in Chiapas. From the PCI-Media Impact website: "Maruch suffers from harassment, corruption, racial and gender discrimination and a lack of opportunities because of her social class. In the absence of her mother, Maruch supports her alcoholic father and tries to help him overcome the disease. Determined to see her father get better and improve her own life, Maruch takes advantage of government programs for women and empowers other women in her community to start their own tomato farm. Everything seems to be going well until Don Justo, the town’s leader, forces Maruch’s father to give his daughter’s hand in marriage, even when Maruch loves another, Justo’s son. In her struggles, Maruch is confronted by several dangerous situations and falls victim of injustice before overcoming it all."


The television drama is to complemented by a weekly television talk show, by ongoing promotion through the State of Chiapas radio and television networks, and by community action campaigns to encourage viewers to adopt behaviours modelled in the drama. Two additional agreements have been signed to expand the programme’s reach. Televisión de América Latina (TAL) will make the drama available to its network of 23 stations throughout Latin America, and Mexicanal will broadcast the drama to Mexican immigrants in the United States.

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PCI-Media Impact works to empower communities worldwide to "inspire enduring change through the use of creative storytelling" via multifaceted communications programmes. Working with local partners in communities around the world, Media Impact leverages the power of media and the inspiration of storytelling to produce more than 3,000 episodes of 75 programmes, reaching (in collaboration with partners) more than 1 billion people in more than 40 countries.

Mucho Corazón
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In addition to the State Government of Chiapas, México, and Chiapas Radio, Television, and Cinematography System, a partner listing is available here.


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