"Life 101, The Journey" Photo Comic Book

This photo comic series forms part of the Addis Ababa University - Modeling and Reinforcement to Combat HIV/AIDS (MARCH) Project. MARCH aims to promote behaviours that reduce the risk of HIV infection, such as faithfulness, condom use, early detection, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), by promoting peer discussion and the use of role models to demonstrate positive behaviour change. It also seeks to encourage positive living and reduce stigma in the university. The MARCH project has three implementing partners, the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia (NDFE), the Federal Police Commission and the Addis Ababa University (AAU).

The photo comic series, written in Amharic, aims to use drama, humour, and heartbreak to explore the challenges facing Addis Ababa university students today. It follows the story of three students and a couple at AAU as they go about their daily university and city life, dealing with issues such as transactional sex, condom use, relationships, testing for HIV, and gender equity.

The edutainment print series was produced by the Addis Ababa University MARCH Project with technical assistance from Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, the National AIDS Resource Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Funding was provided by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through CDC.

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Etharc website on April 9 2008.

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come on do we've to wait a year for the next edition?!

i'm happy

i used to follow these comic books when i was a student at AAUMF few years back(actually only few editions at that time) and after graduaation and being on another chapter of my life in town far from a i totaly forget abt it and even if i want i had no access to it. but now i accidentally come across your website when i was roaming around a trainingsite far away from addis for aworkshop and i didnt even now what it was i just have this curiosty for things so i browse the site annd boom here it is life 101!i'm so going to download it and show to freinds .(that is allowed right?)
any ways i think it is avery good way to educate the youth about HIV,reproductive health and other issues with out making it so boring and 'temehert like' and it would also be very good if you could cover campuses other than AAU also . keep up the good work and spirit.  :-) cheers



What a coincidence, I also loved these comic books when I was a kid. I really wish I had a few copies so I could show my kids one day. I'll check Ebay for some editions, maybe I'll get lucky. 4G LTE Phones

hi hero fell this

i love the booklet send me with
samuale getachew
pobox 80978 addis ababa


we are addis ababa university students at building collage so that we are forgoten by any activities held by aau community .
why did we say that because we didn't get any of these comic books
please engage us with life101 comic bookleets send us some copies