Is a focus on "equity" the best approach to advancing the wellbeing and status of children?


I would like to see ideas

I would like to see ideas presented here about how the status of groups of children in any situation of deprivation or danger, lack of opportunity, or poor health can be brought to a level considered equitable. One project that seems to be having some impact is Patrika - Media Action Group (MAG) Education Campaign

Parenting education is of major importance

As Jamesa Wagwau, of New Vision Kampala, and I wrote in 'Listening to Parents' Drum Beat #350 (June 2006), there is a critical need for more and better support for parents, fathers and mothers alike, across a wide range of mental and physical health concerns, as well as educational, social and civic issues. At the top of the list is emotional awareness as it facilitates the ability to address all the other concerns. We believe that parents must develop their own emotional awareness if they are to fulfill their key roles in advancing children's wellbeing. Parenting resources are important for parents and other caregivers at every stage of a child's development from the prenatal period through adolescence and including young adulthood.

Eve Sullivan, Founder, Parents Forum, and Council Member, National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) and International Federation for Parenting Education (FIEP)



An equity focus to human development makes a lot of sense and is a manifestation of taking the already adopted HRBAP steps further.  What is necessary though is that it is not only UNICEF that adopts and promotes the approach but that it is introduced and supported throughout the UN system to ensure that it brings a new paradigm and momentum to the ongoing development debate, strategies and approaches and that is being monitored and evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency through a system approach and in full understanding and collaboration with government and other partners.

Kari Egge

former UN Resident Coordinator, Namibia



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