Publication Date
Publication Date: 
June 23, 2016

"The 2016 edition of Early Childhood Matters features contributions from UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake; WHO Assistant Director General Flavia Bustreo; Alice Albright and colleagues at the Global Partnership for Education; and Susan L. Bissell of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. Other articles address issues from measuring child development at population level to scaling up the early childhood workforce and the use of innovative finance mechanisms. There are looks at early childhood initiatives in countries such as South Africa, Uruguay, Liberia and the Republic of Georgia."

The Bernard van leer Foundation has relaunched its flagship publication Early Childhood Matters as an annual journal whose mission is the following: "Early Childhood Matters aims to elevate key issues, spread awareness of promising solutions to support holistic child development and explore the elements needed to take those solutions to scale."

Articles include the following:

  • Gaining momentum: advancing early childhood development 2016
  • Applying the science - How what we are learning about brain development should shape policies, practical action, and public advocacy
  • Early child development and the global strategy for women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ health
  • The global partnership for Education 2016–2020: enhancing early childhood care and education
  • Ending violence against children and the new global partnership – a compelling platform for action
  • Measuring development in children from birth to age 3 at population level
  • Monitoring the development of all children: the Early development instrument
  • The Early Childhood workforce – a powerful force for scaling-up quality services for young children and their families
  • A call for public financing: innovative finance is welcome, but not enough
  • Impact bonds and their potential for use in early childhood interventions
  • Side by side with responsive parents in the Care for Child development intervention
  • Women’s work: Mothers, children and the global childcare crisis, a summary
  • Scaling-up early childhood centres for migrant construction workers’ children in India
  • The Early Years: Child wellbeing and the role of public policy (2015)
  • The Transatlantic Forum on inclusive Early Years: a dialogue on high-quality ECEC for all
  • More needs to be done to reap multiple benefits of monitoring quality
  • Providing education opportunities for Syria’s youngest refugees
  • Quality rating and improvement systems: what they are and why they matter
  • Transforming early learning through social innovation
  • Supporting the development of all children: towards a national early childhood intervention system in the Republic of Georgia
  • Building an early childhood development system from scratch: the Liberian experience
  • Uruguay’s programa de acompañamiento familiar
  • The Lancet Breastfeeding series
  • What we can learn from the Cuban Early Childhood development system
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood documentation of early childhood development noteworthy practices

Email from the Bernard van Leer Foundation to The Communication Initiative on July 28 2016.