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From the Introduction:

"The ChildWise Monitor is a comprehensive annual report focused on children's and teenagers' media consumption, brand attitudes, and key behaviour. Each year, almost 1200 children aged 5-16 are interviewed in depth on a range of topics. This is its fourteenth year. Special topics this year include a look at the Environment and Social Networking Websites."

This online resource includes:

  • TV: channels watched, ownership of TV, DVD, video, digital and satellite access
  • Internet: access and usage, websites, time spent on-line, social networking
  • Computers: PCs at home, own PC
  • Mobile phones: ownership and usage, payment methods
  • Music and Radio: downloading music, music self purchase, own radio, MP3, CD player, stations, groups
  • Magazines/reading: favourites, self-purchase, reading for pleasure
  • Money: how is it earned, weekly income, handouts, borrowing
  • Self purchase: of selected product fields
  • Eating: lunch box foods
  • Sports and activities: famous sports people, sports played, watched live on TV, favourites, time spent playing, parental involvement, Olympics
  • Environment: overall concern, carbon footprint, results of climate change, environmentally good/bad activities, responsibility
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