Created in 1983, MUDHA is a non-profit NGO that promotes democratic, supportive, sustainable, and fair development, as well as respect for human rights. The movement, which includes women from Haiti and Dominican Republic who have Haitian ascendance (many of whom are workers in sugar mill communities), advocates the tolerance of differences among people, like gender and race. MUDHA's intention is to influence public policies to promote change in the national legislation to support its commitments; and to support the women involved in the organisation by conducting training and community health plans and programmes aimed at improving their living standards and those of their communities. MUDHA also promotes the strengthening and development of sugar mill communities in general, advocating the leadership of working women in these communities.
Communication Strategies: 

MUDHA seeks to address the sugar mill population's problems through campaigns, seminars, conferences, and dialogues that foster consensus and awareness amongst the Dominican population, civilian society organisations, government agencies, and the international community.

The organisation's activities also include:

  • technical and vocational training programmes that seek to garner women's access to the working market
  • educational programmes for children
  • efforts to stimulate the involvement of women in health problems through training and transfer of knowledge and skills associated with preventive medicine, first aid, and traditional Dominican and Haitian medical care
  • programmes, plans, and actions that are intended to acknowledge Haitian and Dominican women's civil, social, economic, cultural, and political rights, and the rights of their descendants
  • efforts to encourage training and strengthening of community groups so that they may then be able to solve community problems and help sustain projects.

Development Issues

Rights, Women, Gender, Economic Development, Political Development.