Civil Society Experiences and Emerging Strategies
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The Corruption Fighters' Tool Kit is a compendium of civil society anti-corruption experiences. It presents anti-corruption tools developed and implemented by Transparency International (TI) National Chapters and other civil society organisations from around the world that aim to create public awareness about the problem of corruption; monitor public institutions; encourage citizens' participation in key decision-making processes; and open channels of communication between governments and their citizens. The publication aims to highlight the potential of civil society to create mechanisms for monitoring public institutions and to demand and promote accountable and responsive public administration, including the use of media and information and communication technologies. The Corruption Fighter's Tool Kit, and its companion Special Edition: Teaching Integrity to Youth, offer the reader a growing collection of tools.

The Corruption Fighters' Tool Kit includes 46 tools from around the world. This includes examples such as how TI Bangladesh uses theatre as a means to raise awareness about corruption and how TI Peru is testing the new Peruvian access to information law.
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